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Triplex Αγγείων

Triplex Αγγείων

The Wanted's fans have been taking to Twitter to hail praise the band's new single 'Walks Like Rihanna' as "perfect" and "beautiful" after it was exclusively played for the first time on Capital FM this morning (29th April).

Jay, Max, Tom, Nathan and Siva's new track is the first to be taken from their brand new album and is released in June. The song was trending number one worldwide as fans anticipated the first play on Capital and have been bombarding the social networking account with their praise for the song.

The group have been busy working on their latest album in 2013 and will also be starring in their E! Reality TV series 'The Wanted Life' this summer. The video for the new track will also be premiered for the first time on 7th May.

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